• StarterKit Cam instantly notifies you and your security company in case of a housebreaking. Within 9 seconds from an instant motion alarm you’ll receive a photo confirmation to evaluate the situation
  • Control your security system from anywhere in the world with a smartphone. Don’t worry about the blackouts and Internet signal interruptions. The hub will remain on guard of your property thanks to a back-up battery and 2 SIM cards
  • The hub controls all security system devices. And notifies you about any activity back home using push notifications, SMS and phone calls
  • The motion detector reacts to and unauthorized presence in an armed space and takes a series of photos to confirm alarms
  • The detector reacts to opening instantly. It is the first line of defence of your security system. Mount it on any door type
  • The key fob arms and disarms your home. In an emergency situation press the panic button to call the reinforcement
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