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The Primo Oval All-In-One grill models are the first-ever offering of Primo's Oval grills. Enjoy the exceptional cooking versatility of the Patented Oval Design without the need for a grill table or grill cart. Every All-In-One BBQ includes a fully-assembled grill, cradle, side shelves, ash tool, and grate lifter.

Oval JR 200 All-In-One features Primo's patented oval shape, which delivers the highest cooking flexibility and efficiency of any other ceramic grill. It creates two different and distinct cooking zones for the ultimate grilling experience. For the barbecuing enthusiast, Primo’s Oval Design gives you more control when cooking foods that require different temperatures, allowing you to simultaneously cook with direct and indirect heat with all the flavour of a natural wood fire!

Primo Ceramic Grill is one of the most versatile outdoor cookers in the world. You can use it as a grill, an oven, a roaster, or a smoker with a simple adjustment to the airflow and cooking configuration.

Cooking Grates
Ash Tool
Grate Lifter
Heat Deflector Racks & Plates
Firebox Divider
Built-In Thermometer - Easy to read thermometer allows you to cook at the perfect temperature
Top Vent - Top vent allows for sufficient oxygen control when bringing the BBQ up to temperature
Draft Door - Aids temperature control for low-temperature cooking
Amazing Flavour - The ceramic shell helps food retain its natural moisture, creating amazingly juicy food
Exceptional Temperature Control - Cook as low as 150°F to smoke a salmon or to well over 850°F for sizzling ribeyes
Low Maintenance & Self Cleaning - Works like a self-cleaning oven, periodic inspections ensure that your grill looks great for years
Lights Easily & Heats Quickly - Ready to cook in as little as 15 minutes
Weather Resistant -  With premium-grade ceramics, glazes and hardware Primo Grills are made to withstand extreme climates
Premium-Grade Ceramics - The highest grade of ceramics available for superior heat and moisture retention
Oval JR 200

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