Never Accept Counterfeits Again

Protect Yourself And Your Business Against Counterfeit Money With The Safescan 155-s. The Advanced Counterfeit Detector Rapidly Verifies Banknotes On Up To Seven Security Features And Is Always Accurate. It Even Verifies The New €100 And €200 Banknotes, So You Will Never Accept A Counterfeit Again

The Safescan 155-S uses the latest counterfeit detection technology to scrutinize seven advanced security features built into today’s currencies: infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, color, size, thickness and watermark. This technology is so reliable it even detects double notes and half notes. In just half a second, you’ll know with 100% certainty whether the banknote in your hand is genuine or counterfeit—and your customer will know, too, eliminating unnecessary discussion

The 155-S is regularly put through rigorous testing by major central banks, using their latest test decks of genuine and counterfeit banknotes. Every time, the 155-S passes these tests with flying colors, guaranteeing that it reliably identifies both counterfeit and authentic banknotes with proven 100% accuracy.


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