The best helmet to experience the thrill of the wild is the Livall MT1 NEO Mountain Bike Smart model, a multifunctional lightweight smart helmet that combines safety with connectivity. It has many high-tech features that makes it perfect for the cyclist who like to go off the road. Some of them are: LED safety lights, indicators that only are visible when activated, handlebar remote control, stereo speakers and bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone
The 8 RGB LED's on the back side stand out and can be used for different applications. While driving, they function as tail lights and help the driver to be seen well even at night. Just one press of a button switches it to the turn signal mode to indicate that you want to turn off the following traffic. No other manufacturer offers something like this and it considerably increases road safety.
The speakers integrated into the helmet and the microphone make it a full-fledged headset that doesn't interfere with you like headphones when you're driving. The speakers are placed over the ears in the Livall MT 1. The application ranges from navigation announcements to listening to music and telephony while driving. The wind-proof microphone transmits your voice clearly and clearly to the telephone.
Coordinating long distances while driving has never been so easy. Between 2 Livall helmets you can easily communicate via a button without incurring telephone costs. The walkie-talkie works like a radio, simply and quickly tune the next break or the route with your friends and passengers.
The helmet has an integrated fall sensor that detects external vibrations and sends an SOS message in an emergency. All functions: lighting, headset, walkie-talkie and a camera shutter release can be controlled by the remote control on the handlebars. This increases your safety because you can concentrate on driving

Weight: 310g
Package Size: 305 x 225 x 150 mm

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