Maximum comfort
The helmet has been designed in the proven In-Mold construction with ergonomically placed ventilation openings. The integrated insect net effectively protects against all kinds of small creatures that get into the helmet through the openings.
LED tail light or brake light
Of course, the flashing function and the rear light are also on board with this helmet. As soon as the speed of your bike decreases, the integrated sensor system detects the deceleration and sets the brake lights into action.
Improved sound quality
For improved communication between the helmet and your smartphone, a more sensitive microphone has been installed. In addition, the speakers have been revised so that you can look forward to a rich sound. Whether it's your favourite playlist, the announcement of the "navigator" or a phone call: Every acoustic transmission comes in a new sound quality without blocking out the ambient noise. The integrated walkie-talkie function for group communication is also practical.
Anti-Loss Alarm
The anti-loss alarm ensures that neither the smartphone nor the helmet are accidentally left anywhere. A warning signal or ring tone of the smartphone sounds if the Bluetooth connection should be interrupted.
SOS function
On tours that you undertake alone, you are safe on the road thanks to the fall sensor. The sensor alerts a predefined emergency phone number in the event of a fall from a height of 1.50 meters.
BR80 Remote
The Livall BR80 handlebar remote control gives you the control you need on every bike ride, all at the touch of a button. The remote can be used to operate turn lights and control smartphone functions, whether it's skipping through the playlist, adjusting the volume, answering a call, snapping a photo or recording a walkie-talkie conversation with fellow riders. For this purpose, the BR80 handlebar remote control has four arrow keys as well as a confirmation button and two buttons to control the walkie-talkie and photo function

Head Size: Large (55-61cm)
Weight: 280g
Package Size: 280 x 230 x 165 mm
Color: White

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