Fiber optic patch cord Easy Flex, simplex, equipped with SC / UPC - SC / UPC connectors. It has G657.B3 fiber distinguished by very high bending resistance. The cable can be wrapped around objects, routed along walls and corners, and even knoted. The fiber will not only not break, but will continue to function with a slight loss of around 0.1dB.
The offered product is a perfect solution for FTTH networks. Ideally suited for use inside the subscriber's apartment, its routing is not a problem, the cable can be bent as you wish. In addition, the patch cord is compatible with the ITU-T G.652D standard, it allows you to make a fusion weld with little loss.

  • SC / UPC - SC / UPC connectors
  • length 25 m
  • G657.B3 fiber
  • extreme bending resistance
  • low bending radius
  • after tying the knot on the cable, the loss is only 0.1 dB
  • compatibility with ITU-T G.652D;
  • an ideal solution for connecting inside the subscriber's apartment (in the FTTH network)
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