Get a Grip

You’ve got a shiny new PlayStation 5? Welcome to next-gen gaming! To help you get a good grip on your new DualSense controller, these Trust Thumb Grips are there to save the day. This set has a total of 4 thumb grips, two of which are glow in the dark, to help you keep your thumbs on the analogue sticks.

Keep it Clean

Apart from the enhanced grip, these thumb grips will reduce the wear and tear that your controller faces through every day use. And if they get dirty, these thumb grips are easily removable and cleanable. So game on and keep it clean.

Trust GXT 266. Product type: Analog stick grips, Gaming platforms supported: PlayStation 5, Product colour: Black, Blue, White. Width: 20 mm, Depth: 6 mm, Height: 20 mm
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Data sheet

Product type
Analog stick grips
Gaming platforms supported
PlayStation 5


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