Sony Starblood Arena VR video game PlayStation 4

Sony Starblood Arena VR, PlayStation 4, T (Teen), Virtual Reality (VR) headset required

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Put on a good show
Strap into your battle pod
Test your mettle in a lawless competition where only the most skilled pilots earn their shot at intergalactic glory. This is arena-based combat with full 360-degree movement, where the stakes are glory, credits… and your life – while the StarBlood Network broadcasts your every move in front of an action-craving universe.

Choose from nine distinct ships with their own unique pilot, playstyle and loadout, and take part in single player Carnage deathmatches, Team Carnage deathmatches for up to four players, or Invaders co-op mode. Success leads to fame and unlockables such as ships, weapons and auxiliary modifications. Failure means destruction in front of trillions. Are you prepared to risk it all?

Live the game
PlayStation VR
Experience the breathless space combat of StarBlood Arena with the cutting edge technology of PlayStation VR – enabling jaw-dropping 360 degree vision and 3D audio.

Sony Starblood Arena VR. Game edition: Basic, Platform: PlayStation 4, ESRB rating: T (Teen), PEGI rating: 12, Developer: Whitemoon Dreams / San Diego Studio, Release date (DD/MM/YYYY): 12/04/2017. Virtual Reality (VR) headset required

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PlayStation 4
Game genre
ESRB rating
T (Teen)
Game edition
Release date (DD/MM/YYYY)
PEGI rating
Multiplayer mode
Virtual Reality (VR) headset required
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