• Suitable for both wet and dry hair
  • The heatable plate is made of ceramic and does not directly touch the hair, then prevents it from burning or weaving
  • The ionic technology and a fast and stable heat conduction achieve an efficient end to frizz
  • The cable can be rotated through 360 degrees to make it easy to handle and prevent breakage
  • The grip is small and cylindrical, making it very comfortable to hold and easy to use or turn
InFace Ion Hairbrush ZH-10D is an innovative comb from global brand Xiaomi. Its uniqueness lies in its advanced ionization technology. The negative ion technology used improves hydration and prevents split ends, resulting in shinier and smoother hair.

It uses a ceramic heating element for constant heating, which is harmless to hair and conducts heat quickly. The heating element of the InFace Ion Hairbrush ZH-10D does not touch the hair, so you can use the brush on both wet and dry hair. You can safely style your hair without drying it completely. The surface of the comb is coated with heat resistant and environmentally friendly paint.

The comb has several modes of operation

140C Level 1 - for damaged hair
155C Level 2 - for soft hair
170C Level 3 - for medium length hair
185C Level 4 - for very thick hair
200 C level 5 - for very stiff hair

For safety and convenience, the inFace ION Hairbrush has a built-in smart shut-off feature. The Hairbrush will automatically turn off if it hasn't been in use for more than 30 minutes. Plus, the 360-degree cord pull feature makes it easier to use the brush, and the power cord will never get tangled or twisted.
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