Xiaomi InFace Eyelash, red eyelash curler
Curl your eyelashes in 60 s - Ceramic heating rod - LED indicators - 3 temperature levels - Type-C charging

Xiaomi InFace Eyelash, a new Xiaomi body care product, lands on Powerplanetonline. It joins the well-known pore cleansers and cleansing brushes family, so that we can maintain a cared for aesthetic with very little effort. Now,  inFace surprises us with this fantastic eyelash curler, a tool that curls them in just 60 seconds without damaging them. Want to know how it works? Stay with us and we'll explain everything!

Anti-burn brush and ceramic heating rod
The Xiaomi InFace Eyelash has an anti-burn brush as well as a ceramic rod. The latter will distribute the heat throughout the area in a balanced and stable manner, while the brush allows the eyelashes to have direct contact with the heating rod without your eyes or eyelids touching it.

Perfect lashes in just 3 steps
The Xiaomi InFace Eyelash is so easy to use that you'll want to do it every day. Apply mascara to your lashes first. Then hold your Xiaomi InFace Eyelash on the root of your lashes for 3 seconds and repeat this same process now on the tips. Then, comb your lashes with the Xiaomi InFace Eyelash from root to tip about 3-5 times. And... Voilà! You can show off your stunning look.

Three temperature levels
But, as is often the case, not all eyelashes are the same. That's why the Xiaomi InFace Eyelash has three temperature levels, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, level L (low) is recommended for fine and delicate lashes, level M (medium) is suitable for normal lashes, while level H (high) is ideal for thick or false lashes.

Buy Xiaomi InFace Eyelash Curler Red at Powerplanetonline
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Other features - Xiaomi InFace Eyelash, red eyelash curler:
LED indicators for temperature level, battery level and preheating
The temperature level used remains saved for the next use
Intelligent and automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of power
Fast type-c charging
Technical Specifications Xiaomi InFace Eyelash Curler Red:
Brand: Xiaomi inFace
Product: Eyelash curler
Name: Eyelash Curler Instrument
Model: ZH-02D
Temperature levels
L level (low): 60ºC
M level (medium): 85ºC
H level (high): 95ºC
Input voltage: 5V
Input power: 2W
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Nominal power: 3.5W
Charging type: USB Type C
Dimensions: 140 x 25.3 x 22.3 mm
Package Contents:
1 x Xiaomi InFace Eyelash Curler Red
1 x Charging Cable
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