• You do not have to change the bag and collected the dirt with this bagless vacuum cleaner.
  • Release the container and press the dust release button to quickly get rid of collected crumbs and dust.
  • Rinse the container with water, dry it and you can continue vacuuming.
  • The dust container has a capacity of 0.7 litres, which is enough for several cleaning cycles.
  • Three cleaning attachments: a crevice nozzle, an oval 2-in-1 brush and 1 electric brush.
  • The brush is equipped with LED lamps allows better control of your vacuuming, so you can be sure that every crumb has been collected.
  • Eqquipped with various types of attachments make it easy to clean rooms with different floors.
  • One charge of the device on the docking station allows you to vacuum up to 28 minutes.
  • The set includes a wall mount that will help immobilize the machine in the storage, wardrobe or garage.

Data sheet

Total Power
Max Working Time
Up to 28 min
Number of Nozzles

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