Baseus insecticide lamp


Thanks to the Baseus insecticide lamp, you no longer have to worry about unbearable insects in your home. You can deal with them without using chemicals. All you have to do is place the Baseus lamp anywhere, preferably where the activity of mosquitoes or flies is increased.




Baseus insecticide lamp is completely safe for children and babies, so it can be placed in a child's room, bedroom, as well as in the kitchen, which usually has the most insects.


Long range


The lamp works in a range of up to 120m², which allows for incredible lamp performance. You can hang it or put it in the living room, and it will work on the entire level.


Easy to clean


Thanks to a special container, you don't have to disassemble the entire lamp to get out the insects that got there. Just remove the container located on the bottom of the lamp and easily wash it in water.

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