• 16.8 Million Colour Programmable RGB Lights
  • Adjustable keys effective time in 7-speed transmission from 1 ms up to 16ms
  • Fully Macro-able™ Gaming Keyboard
  • Multimedia keys with a built-in program
  • Adjustable key respond time
  • Adjustable backlight effects on the keyboard button
  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of Windows key

Kevlartech keycaps

  • Concave for better comfort with the lifetime fade-proof warranty
  • Hotswaptech
  • Blue OUTEMU switches that are replaceable on the fly during operation
  • Ultra-Durable 50 Million cycle mechanical switch
  • Consistent quality OUTEMU switch with less than 5g variance in work/tactile force, compared to 15g in most other brands
  • Multicolour Backlight Keyboard
  • Individually lit keys with 16.8 million colors to choose from 14 EFX, 5 game lighting profiles and adjustable brightness and EFX Speed
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Light Effect
Programmable Buttons
Fully macro-able

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