The Travel Surge Protector is perfect for protecting your notebook computer and modem from harmful surges and spikes in any country throughout the world. 25%Smaller than other Travel Surge Protectors!

This Travel Surge Protector is compatible with all 3-prong C6 Connectors available on Dell®, Hewlett Packard® and many other laptop computers.

- Unique ultra-compact design, ideal for mobile use.
- Offers complete automatic multi-voltage TEL-computing protection.
- Over current detection and power indicators.
- 25% Smaller than other Travel Surge Protectors.

Belkin Notebook Travel Surge Protector - C6 Connector 3-Prong. Nominal input voltage: 110-240 V. Product colour: Black. Cable length: 2 m
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Data sheet

Product colour
Cable Length
2 m
Nominal input voltage
110-240 V

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