• Muscle relaxing Shiatsu massage for at home or in the office: The Massage seat cover allow you to loosen the whole back area along the spine after the gym or at the end of a stressful day
  • The massager has four rotating Shiatsu massage heads: and so can be tension and discomfort solved reduced, so wear to maintain your health when
  • The massage seats have a switchable light and heat function, which gives a soothing massage use Support can
  • This Shiatsu Massager is made of a solid back casing and surface made of breathable mesh and neoprene, a flexible mounting strap to ensure a good fit comfort
  • For a customised massage: The shiatsu massage seat cover can fit into place with a back dimensions (H x W) 70 x 41 cm and a seat dimensions of 38 x 42 cm your chair, Armchair or other pieces of furniture an
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