Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Nillkin Qin Leather Pro Case series with a gold flip The Nillkin Qin Leather Pro Case has a natural leather texture - it has a very elegant, classic look. The cover with a flap prevents scratches and dirt on your phone. The cover is tailored to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 , perfectly protects it from damage due to falls or scratches (for example, by keys carried in your pocket). The cover has a sliding cover for the rear camera. Thanks to it, the camera glass is protected from scratches. There is also an additional plus for people who value privacy and security of their data. A covered camera prevents access to video recording in case someone gains remote access to the phone and turns on the preview from the main camera. The raised edges around the screen protect it from scratches when it is placed on a flat surface. Specification: Brand: Nillkin Model: Nillkin Qin Leather Pro Case Material: PC, leather Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Device model code: SM-F936BZABEUE SM-F936BZKBUE SM-F936BZEBEUE SM-F936BDRBEUE SM-F936BZACEUE SM-F936BZKCEUE SM-F936BZECEUE SM-F936BDRCEUE SM-F936BZANEUE SM-F936BZKNEUE SM-F936BZENEUE SM-F936BZABEUB SM-F936BZKBEUB SM-F936BZEBEUB SM-F936BZACEUB SM-F936BZKCEUB SM-F936BZECEUB SM-F936BZENEUB SM-F936BZKNEUB SM-F936BZANEUB SM-F936BZADMEA SM-F936BZKDMEA SM-F936BZEDMEA SM-F936BZAGMEA SM-F936BZKGMEA SM-F936BZEGMEA Colour: gold Key benefits of Nillkin Qin Leather Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: A classic but very elegant phone cover . It will surely attract attention It protects the entire phone against scratches and mechanical damage . The flip case has a high resistance to breakage Protects camera lenses . The edges of the case are 0.2 mm higher, so you can safely put the phone on the tabletop You can cover the rear camera at any time . The case has a built-in cap that protects your privacy It is convenient to use . It has cutouts for the power port or speakers You have space for payment or loyalty cards . Inside the flap you will find two pockets Pleasant to the touch . The leather protects against accidental slipping of the phone from the hand
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