The next generation Ninja multi-cooker - with even more ways to prepare your favorite dishes.

Discover 14 cooking functions under a single lid, the SmartLid. Choose between 3 modes - pressure cook, air fry and steam combo, which combines steam with convection for moist, quick and crispy results. Prepare family meals in under 30 minutes.

Pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods.* Automatic steam release complements the cooking process.

Enjoy guilt-free fried dishes with little to no oil. Proving and baking delicious, homemade bread in just one pot.

Everything under control with the integrated Smart Cook system. The digital meat thermometer measures the temperature during the cooking process - enjoy perfectly prepared meat and fish dishes from rare to well-done, just as you like! Cook up the perfect grilled chicken in under an hour.

The device is perfectly designed for 6 people: you can e.g. E.g. cook a whole 3 kg roast chicken and fry until crispy.

*Compared to slow cooking, boiling or braising.

Product Ninja Foodi MAX 14in-1 SmartLid Multi-Cooker
Wattage 1460W
Capacity 7.5L

1. Pressure
2. Steam Meals
3. Steam Air Fry
4. Steam Bake
5. Steam Bread
6. Air Fry
7. Grill
8. Bake
9. Dehydrate
10. Prove
11. Sear/Saute
12. Steam
13. Slow Cook
14. Yogurt
Keep Warm

• Crisper Basket
• 2-Tier Rack
• Digital Cooking Probe
• One Lid: Use the Smart Slider to effortlessly choose 
between cooking modes. 
• Pressure cook up to 70% faster than traditional cooking 
• Combi-Steam Mode – for juicy, speedy and crispy results. 
• Air Fry – up to 75% less fat than traditional frying 
Guarantee 2 Year
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