• Best Buy Cyprus Enders Solid Gas Patio Heater
  • Best Buy Cyprus Enders Solid Gas Patio Heater
  • Best Buy Cyprus Enders Solid Gas Patio Heater
Enders Solid Gas Patio Heater
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Enders Solid Gas Patio Heater


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With the Solid patio heater you can spread a warm, protective glow against the cold over your balcony, garden or patio. The large foot stand keeps the barbecue securely upright. Its body is made of brushed stainless steel, and can accommodate an 11-kg gas cylinder. By the way, a particularly practical feature for its use in professional catering is its large storage area for glasses and ashtrays. In addition, its pedestal can be retracted for space-efficient storage.



Product Features:

        Height: 230cm, Diameter: 88cm 

  • Ultra-stable thanks to its special design and materials: extra centre section and round base in tough cast aluminium
  • Elegant design – to suit every patio or cafe
  • Features a turbo burner made of stainless steel and the latest multi-spark ignition
  • 88 cm Ø reflector made of hot-dip aluminium
  • Quick and easy assembly as some parts are pre-assembled at the factory
  • 4-14 kW continuously adjustable heating level control
  • 11-30 operating hours with one 11 kg cylinder
  • Thermoelectric ignition safety device and anti-tipping system for maximum safety
  • Practical integrated table is particularly beneficial for commercial usage
  • Sheathed carry recesses for convenient handling
  • Lockable door for safeguarding the gas cylinder
  • 11 kg gas cylinder can be stowed safely and space-efficiently
  • Set of sturdy casters for effortless repositioning
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