Sony AKA-AF1

Sony AKA-AF1

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Clear shots from the slopes to the waves
- Two anti-fog sheets for Action Cam in one carry pouch.
- Prevents foggy build-up for clearer action shots.
- Rotate between anti-fog sheets when one is wet.
- Each sheet can be reused up to 200 times.

Combat condensation
When your Action Cam is sealed up in the SPK-AS1 waterproof case, it’s protected against the elements – but it’s not immune to condensation, which can affect image quality. Anti-fog sheets provide the solution.

Keep your movies clear
Fog build-up in the waterproof case can create cloudy and distorted images. Simply pop in an anti-fog sheet and it absorbs any moisture, keeping the lens and images clear. Make sure the sight of a shark underwater or ride through the rain is captured just as you remember.

Use again and again
Want to dive the next day or take on the driving rain again? With 2 sheets, which can be reused up to 200 times each, you don’t have to wait until one is dry. Simply swap an anti-fog sheet over when one gets wet and jump straight back into the action.

Sony AKA-AF1

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