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Haier Portable Hot / Cold Air Conditioner 12000BTU

Haier Portable Hot / Cold Air Conditioner 12000BTU

Haier Portable Hot / Cold air conditioner 12000 BTU

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The Haier portable air conditioner is a compact and easy-to-use device thanks to which you can effectively reduce the room temperature. In addition, the air conditioner can be used for heating as a fan or even an air dryer. The device will be perfect at home or work, and the friendly control panel and remote control make it easy to use.


  • Exclusive design - innovative design and compact design: easy-to-use LED display, ergonomic design of the control panel is adapted to operate the air conditioner with one hand.
  • User-friendly - two-way condensate drain, Universal location - the air conditioner can be easily moved, Remote control holder, Power cord holder avoids accidents.
  • Intelligent control - the Auto-swing function quickly cools the room; The air outlet thanks to the switch can open and close automatically; Auto-diagnostics - if a problem is detected, the error code is displayed; 24 hour timer, which can be set depending on the needs of users.
  • Comfort - Multi-Function: the air conditioner can also be used as a fan and dryer, both at home and in the office; High cooling capacity / efficient air stream (350m³ / h, model 9K); Thanks to the compact housing and modern technology to optimize noise control, the noise level can even be reduced to 49dB (A)
  • innovative design and compact design
  • Multifunction device - can be used as a fan, dehumidifier and air conditioner in your home or office
  • High performance cooling
  • Noise control optimization that can be reduced at low fan speeds up to 48dB (A)
  • The ergonomic design of the control panel is adapted to the air conditioner with one hand.
  • auto-swing quickly cools the room
  • thanks to the switch, the air outlet can be opened and closed automatically
  • Two drain holes allow manual or automatic condensate drainage
  • LED display on the control panel of the air conditioner
  • self-evaporation of condensate together with hot air - small droplets of water evaporate on the hot surface of the condenser, and escape out together with the hot air stream
  • remote control with LCD display
  • The special design allows the remote control to be connected so that it is not lost
  • timer to set the device on / off time within 24 hours as needed
  • auto-restart after power failure (return to default operating parameters)
  • 3 fan speeds
  • silent mode
  • Panel Lock Button Function - Child Protection
  • washable air filter
  • a complete set of accessories that allows warm air to be discharged through a wall opening or in an open or open window

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