SAMSUNG Photo Printer Ribbon Cartridge and Photo Paper Kit gives you everything you need to easily print 4"x6" (10 x 15cm) pictures at home that are highly durable, waterproof and last a lifetime. The quantity of photo paper exactly matches the ribbon cartridge so you are sure to get the exact number of prints every time. It consists of one ribbon cartridge and 40 sheets of 4"x6" photo papers.

protective coating
- The ink creates a protective coating on the paper protecting it from the damaging effects of sunlight and humidity.

fingerprint protection
- When you touch the paper after printing, no fingerprints are left.

high quality similar to traditional prints
- Die sublimation method of photo printing produces high quality similar to traditional silver halide prints.

speedy printing with best quality
- Delivers the best quality with speedy printing (60~90 sec/4 pass).

Samsung IPP-4640G. Media sheets per package: 40 sheets, Paper dimensions: 4" x 6"

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