Brother Innov-Is NV15 Sewing and Quilting Machine Information.
The Brother Innov Is 15 Sewing machine is an ideal product whether you are new to sewing or interested in an easy to use the machine. The Brother NV15 Computerised Sewing machine is suitable for beginners and experienced sewers alike. The top-loading bobbin not only makes changing a bobbin a lot easier but it is also far more reliable when sewing delicate and heavier types of fabrics from silks and cotton to more heavyweight fabrics such as denim and soft leather materials.
The Brother Innov Is 15 machine has plenty of features for beginner and skilled users including a jog dial for quick selection and make it simple to choose the 16 built-in stitches and the 3 types of one-step buttonholes. The built-in 7 piece feed dog enables comfortable and even fabric feeding. This keeps sewing nice and smooth. The LCD Screen allows you to easily view information such as the stitch number, length width and presser foot recommended for each stitch.
  • 16 stitches built into the machine to help create your project
  • The 1-step 'auto size' buttonhole function creates perfectly uniform buttonholes in a single action
  • The needle threader, automatically threads the needle, saving you time
  • Makes lower threading simple. Just drop in a full bobbin to sew immediately
  • A bright light that comes on automatically. Gentle on the eyes making it easier to work on dark fabrics
  • Ensures the presser foot is kept level for smooth stitching across varying fabric thickness
  • Extra teeth provide a smooth feeding action and superior stitch quality on any weight of the fabric 
  • Feed dogs are easily lowered for free motion or freehand sewing- useful when mending or quality on many weights of fabric
  • The bobbin winder includes a handy thread cutter
  • Select whether the needle should be up or down when the machine stops. A useful function when turning material, sewing corners or joining quilt pieces
  • Automatically sews reinforcement stitches for a neat, professional beginning and end of the stitch line
  • A clear display showing you important sewing information such as stitch width/length
  • Quickly and easily change presser feet
  • The simple slide control adjusts the sewing speed from slow to fast
  • Start and stop sewing with the touch of a button. Allows the machine to be used with or without a foot control
  • Simply turn the large jog dial to change the stitch
  • Converts easily for tubular sewing areas, e.g. sleeves
  • Easily accessible even when using the machine
  • Protective dust cover to protect the machine when not in use
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