Free-arm utility stitch sewing machine with extensive equipment: Singer Simple 3223


  • Sewing foot change: automatic snap-action for fast changeover
  • Thread trimmer: At the head of the machine
  • Variable stitch length: up to max. 4 mm
  • Stitch width: up to max. 4.5 mm
  • 3 setting wheels: for stitch selection and stitch length setting
  • 23 sewing programs, incl. buttonhole
  • Useful stitches: Buttonhole in 4 steps, Straight stitch (needle position centre), Straight stitch (needle position right), Zigzag stitch, Multiple zigzag stitch, Elastic blind stitch, Single blind stitch
  • Stretch stitches: Stretch 3-way straight stitch (needle position centre), Stretch 3-way straight stitch (needle position right), Stretch 3-way zigzag stitch, Honeycomb stitch, Pullover stitch open, Closed overlock stitch, Pullover stitch closed, Overlock stitch
  • Decorative stitches, Shell edge stitch, Greek stitch, Half moon stitch Edge border stitch, Inclined edge stitch, Decorative stitch, Bassoon stitch, Edge stitch, Bone stitch, Decorative stitch

The operating instructions for this device can be found online on the manufacturer's website.

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