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  • Belkin WeMo® Insight Switch, Best Buy Cyprus, Smart Home
  • Belkin WeMo® Insight Switch, Best Buy Cyprus, Smart Home
  • Belkin WeMo® Insight Switch, Best Buy Cyprus, Smart Home
  • Belkin WeMo® Insight Switch, Best Buy Cyprus, Smart Home
Belkin WeMo® Insight Switch
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Belkin F7C029UK, iOS 6.0, iOS 6.1, Android 4.0, iOS 7.0, Android 4.1, iOS 8.0, Android 4.2, iOS 8.2, Android 4.3,..., White


  • 24 Month Warranty 24 Month Warranty
  • Delivery 1 - 3 Days Delivery 1 - 3 Days
Turn Your Electronics On/Off, Monitor Them From Anywhereturn Your Electronics On/Off, Monitor Them From Anywhere

The Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Insight Switch connects your home appliances and electronic devices to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to turn devices on or off, program customized notifications, and change device status--from anywhere. WeMo Insight Switch can monitor your electronics and will send information about the device's energy usage directly to your smartphone or tablet. Perfect to pair with space heaters, wall A/C units, TVs, washers, dryers, fans, lights and more.

Create rules, schedules and receive notifications

Download the free WeMo App to as many smartphones and tablets as you like to create rules and custom schedules. The WeMo App can be as flexible as you need and allows you to create rules that are easy to set up and can easily be changed. You can even receive notifications that are personalized to meet your needs.

Get notified when your laundry cycle is finished so that you avoid wrinkled clothes, know when your child has exceeded their daily TV limit and turn it off, or find out if you left the space heater on accidentally.

Get insight into home energy usage

The WeMo Insight Switch can help keep your home energy bills low by allowing you to set schedules, monitor energy usage on electronics, and find out which devices are used most often. WeMo can notify you instantly if home electronics have been left on and you can choose to either leave them on or turn them off from anywhere. Find out if you left the A/C window unit running and turn it off, find out if the kids are playing video games instead of doing homework, or schedule a space heater to turn on five minutes before you walk through the door.

With WeMo, you can set schedules, create rules for electronics to respond at specific times or to sunset/sunrise, and get notifications for any device connected to a WeMo Insight Switch.

Easy to use, easy to install

To install WeMo Insight Switch, simply plug the Switch into an outlet in your home and then plug an electronic device or appliance into the switch. Download the free WeMo App from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App store to any smart device. WeMo Insight Switch keeps you connected to your electronics anywhere you are--over Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G networks.

Wemo is completely modular

The WeMo collection of products are designed to work together via the free WeMo App so that you control and monitor as much or as little of your home as you like. You can easily add additional WeMo products including Smart LED Bulbs, WeMo Switch, WeMo Motion, WeMo Light Switch or WeMo Insight Switches at any time to any room to control and monitor multiple devices or appliances. Program home automation triggers like using your WeMo Motion to turn on your WeMo LED lights when you walk into a room, or use the WeMo Insight Switch to learn about the cost savings of installing additional WeMo Smart LED bulbs--the combinations are endless.

Works with android and apple devices

WeMo Insight Switch is compatible with Apple (iOS 6 and higher) and Android (4.0 and higher devices) and your existing Wi-Fi router. It is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

The whole wemo family works together in harmony

WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that make life easier, simpler, better. WeMo uses your Wi-Fi network and mobile internet to control your home electronics right from your smartphone. WeMo also works with IFTTT, connecting your home electronics to a whole world of online apps.

Indoor use

- Designed for residential indoor dry location use only.

System requirements

- Wi-Fi router.
- Android 4.0 or later.
- iOS v6 or higher.
- Max 240V~/13A/50Hz/3120W.
- Number of Power Outlets:1.
- Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz 802.11n.

Package Includes:

- WeMo Insight Switch.
- Quick Install Guide.

- Turn electronics on or off — from anywhere.
- Monitor your electronics’ usage/cost and receive custom notifications • Put your electronic devices on a schedule or have them respond to Sunset and Sunrise.
- Works on multiple smart devices simultaneously.
- You’ve already got everything you need: WeMo works with your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile Internet (3G/4G).
- Modular system. You can add additional WeMo Insight Switches easily, any time.
- Intuitive, easy set up and easy to use.
- Works with the entire family of Belkin WeMo products.
- Works with IFTTT, connecting you to a whole world of Web apps.
- Free WeMo App for Android and iOS operating systems.

Belkin F7C029UK. Mobile operating systems supported: iOS 6.0, iOS 6.1, Android 4.0, iOS 7.0, Android 4.1, iOS 8.0, Android 4.2, iOS 8.2, Android 4.3,.... Colour of product: White
Mobile operating systems supportediOS 6.0, iOS 6.1, Android 4.0, iOS 7.0, Android 4.1, iOS 8.0, Android 4.2, iOS 8.2, Android 4.3, iOS 9.0, Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 5.1
Ports & interfaces
Ethernet LANN
Colour of productWhite
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