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Devia specializes in providing the best degree of safety for your Tablets and ipads.

The screen protector is made up of soft TPU to offer you the ultimate convenience while using your Tablets and ipads..

Its unique glass design provides ultimate protection from scratches and scrapes while also providing anti-glare and anti-fingerprint which indeed makes the screen protector more durable.

Even though the screen protector is ultra-thin, it has the ability to safeguard your screen and help against scratches or other accidents.  

It can be installed onto your phone without any difficulty as well as the screen protector does not allow the accumulation of bubbles beneath the screen protector. 

  • ultra thin
  • anti-crash
  • hydrophobic/oleo-phobic
  • anti-scratch
  • anti-fingerprint
  • Self-Healing


With the DEVIA  Screen Protector, you'll get privacy, scratch protection, a soft-touch feel, and peace of mind all in one package. This screen protector is designed to be ultra thin and has a hydrophobic/oleo-phobic coating that prevents fingerprints. The screen protector is also anti-crash and self-healing, which makes it perfect for everyday use and superior to many other popular brands.
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