Forever Call Me 2 KW-60 Kids Smartwatch with Touch Screen Display - 1.44", 128 x 128, 400mAh

The Forever Call Me 2 KW-60 smartwatch acts as a gadget, and it is a perfect solution for children who like novelty and modern aesthetics. Some of the advantages of this watch are a reward system, a maths game, a light, and an alarm clock. Kids can use it for setting alarms for school and wake up with more zeal for school.

- Forever Call Me 2 KW-60 smartwatch made especially for kids
- Futuristic design with interesting details
- Touch screen display, function for making calls and notifications
- LBS location system, SOS button, voice monitoring, and a remote camera
- Compatible OS: iOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above
- Supports nano-SIM card without PIN lock

- Display: 1,44", 128 x 128
- Charging time: about 3h
- Maximum standby time: 3 days
- Battery capacity: 400mAh
- Strep length: 230mm
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