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  • Toshiba Inverter Air-Conditioner Shorai R32 Hydric RAS-10PKVSG-E 10.000BTU A++/A++ White, Best Buy Cyprus, Split System Air Cond
Toshiba Inverter Air-Conditioner Shorai R32 Hydric RAS-10PKVSG-E 10.000BTU A++/A++ White
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Toshiba Inverter Air-Conditioner Shorai R32 Hydric RAS-10PKVSG-E 10.000BTU A++/A++ White


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Toshiba introduces the new Shorai air conditioner with R32 refrigerant for unmatched comfort and high energy efficiency.

The new, environmentally friendly Shorai series incorporates Toshiba's exclusive compressor technology, Inverter DC and Twin-Rotary, self-propelled smart-flow blinds and a refined design that will fit perfectly into any space.

  • Inverter Technology : Toshiba's inverter technology allows the air conditioner to adjust its cooling and heating performance at all times. It adapts the speed of the compressor to your needs, preserving the temperature you have chosen. High levels of energy efficiency meet the most demanding needs. 
    The Shorai R32 works well in extreme environmental conditions, with an impressive operating range of -15 ° C to 46 ° C for cooling and -15 ° C to 24 ° C for heating.

  • Environmentally Friendly : Shorai works with the new R32 refrigerant, which meets the requirements of the F-Gas Regulation to reduce the impact on global warming.

  • Wi-Fi ready : Considering your comfort, Toshiba offers the ability to handle over the internet to make your everyday life easier. You can operate Shorai from anywhere, anytime, thanks to Wi-Fi remote control, for unrivaled comfort and energy savings. (optional)

  • Toshiba IAQ Filter : Improves air quality without reducing its flow capacity, prevents the formation of mold and fungi, decomposes tobacco, ammonia and other organic substances and unpleasant odors .

  • Power Selection : You can choose between 3 energy-saving levels, from 100%, 75% and 50%, for higher energy efficiency .

  • Smart Aiflow : Self-propelled, independent blinds offer 6 different air distributions, ensuring high levels of comfort, especially in large spaces. Select the desired position from Smart Airflow on the Shorai remote (for sizes 18-22-24,000 BTU).


  • Magic Coil and Self -Cleaning: The Shorai series is equipped with an automatic cleaning function for the internal refrigerant. This new function reduces moisture in the refrigerant and prevents mold formation. The combination of the non-condensing element coating and the internal fan, which continues to operate for a certain time even after you have closed the air conditioner, ensures long-lasting performance and high air quality.


  • ECO Mode : Get energy savings of up to 25% compared to normal settings without sacrificing your comfort. This function automatically increases or decreases the temperature, preventing extreme temperatures in your room and reducing power consumption.

  • Silent mode : Press the "FAN" button on the remote control and select the "quiet" speed for extremely low operating noise level, only 23 dB (A).

  • Comfort Sleep : Turn on "Comfort Sleep" to ensure smooth thermal comfort throughout the night .

  • Self-diagnosis : The air conditioner will perform a thorough check and indicate possible operating faults .

  • One Touch My-Comfort : Toshiba's planned settings offer the right combination of comfort and energy at the touch of a button.

  • One Touch Preset : Save your favorite settings and activate them at the touch of a button.

  • Real time on-off : Select the times for turning the air conditioner on and off and program settings to be repeated every 24 hours.

  • Repeat Scheduling : Set the timer to repeat scheduled settings every 24 hours.

  • Well-being and simplicity : Incorporating a self-cleaning coolant and smart, simple design, easy installation, operation and maintenance are achieved.

  • Design and Reliability : For more than 50 years, Toshiba has provided its customers with the guarantee and expertise of impeccable Japanese quality. The Shorai air conditioner line was designed and developed by Toshiba's leading engineers and modern manufacturing facilities result in a product of unmatched quality and performance.

Technical Specifications :

Cooling Performance 2.50 kW 3.50 kW 4.60 kW 5.00 kW 6,10 kW 7,00 kW
SEER 6,90 / A ++ 6.50 / A ++ 6.50 / A ++ 7.30 / A ++ 6.80 / A ++ 6,20 / A ++
Thermal Performance 3.20 kW 4,20 kW 5.50 kW 6,00 kW 7,00 kW 8,00 kW
SCOP (hot zone) 5,20 / A +++ 5.40 / A +++ 5,20 / A +++ 5.80 / A +++ 5.90 / A +++ 5.50 / A +++
SCOP (middle zone) 4,60 / A ++ 4,60 / A ++ 4.20 / A + 4,40 / A + 4,40 / A + 4,00 / A +
Cooling Cooling -15 ~ 46 ° C -15 ~ 46 ° C -15 ~ 46 ° C -15 ~ 46 ° C -15 ~ 46 ° C -15 ~ 46 ° C
Heat Operation Heat -15 ~ 24 ° C -15 ~ 24 ° C -15 ~ 24 ° C -15 ~ 24 ° C -15 ~ 24 ° C -15 ~ 24 ° C
Noise Levels 39/24 dB (A) 39/24 dB (A) 43/26 dB (A) 44/31 dB (A) 46/34 dB (A) 48/35 dB (A)
Refrigerant Instrument R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
Dimensions (mm) 293x798x230 293x798x230 293x798x230 320x1050x250 320x1050x250 320x1050x250










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