LG Styler is Made for a Healthier Life
Throughout the day, the clothes you wear can pick up harmful dust, bacteria, and allergens. Sanitizing clothes is as important as washing your hands after getting home every day. Keep your clothes clean and hygienic with LG Styler.

For Clothes, Worthy of care
Refresh your clothing with the gentle power of steam.

Reduce the fear of damaging precious items
Easily care for fabrics that can’t be treated in traditional washers or high-heat tumble dryers.

Gentle, Fast Drying for Delicates
Quickly dry delicates, like lingerie and sweaters, without fear of shrinking or damage from high-heat dryers.

Peace of mind that hard-working items are germ free and allergen free
Reduce allergens and bacteria by up to 99.9%. Certified by the British allergy Foundation.

Just Plug In & Start Refreshing
Plug the LG Styler into any standard outlet, fill the water container, and start refreshing.

Keep Trousers looking their best
LG styler’s unique door panel restores trousers crease and reduce wrinkles.

Dry Clean Less Often
Minimise money and time spent on dry cleaners by refreshing your clothes in the comfort of your home. No More waiting on dry cleaners to return your favourite outfit before your big meeting or night out.

Refresh your surroundings

Keep your home fresh as well as your wardrobe. Open the door of LG Styler during a drying cycle and turn your LG Styler into a powerful humidifier. Perfect for maintaining well-being in your home.

Aroma Kit
Infuse your clothes with fragrance

with LG Styler, your favourite scent lasts even longer.
Simply add the aroma sheet (included with purchase) in the dispenser. Or add the cloth with your favourite perfume or cologne. The scent will be gently diffused into your clothes during the refresh cycles.

Cycle Times as Fast as 20 Minutes
Choose a cycle that fits your needs, including a 20 minute light refresh, speciality cycles and more.

Download Tailor-made cycles, Control LG styler remotely.
Use LG ThinQ app to download cylces for special fabrics, and check remaining cycle time and do more.

LG S3BF. Suitable for materials: Cotton, Genuine fur, Genuine leather, Linen, Polyester, Velvet, Wool, Product colour: Black, Noise level: 40 dB. Power: 1850 W, AC input voltage: 230 V, AC input frequency: 50 Hz. Width: 445 mm, Depth: 585 mm, Height: 1850 mm

Data sheet

Product colour
1850 W
Built-in display

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