Xiaomi inFace IPL Hair Removal Machine ZH-01D White / Pink

Visible results in 2 weeks – 2 modes of use – 5 positions of power adjustment – Resistant and durable – Time of use up to 900000 uses

You want to look spectacular and we want you to do so. At PowerPlanetOnline we are always ready to give you the best help to look spectacular. With the new Xiaomi inFace IPL Hair Removal Machine ZH-01D White / Pink you will be able to see results in just a few weeks. This is one of the best hair removal machines you will find today, designed to give you all the ease of use. An incredible model that is designed to make you feel better. It’s great!

You only need 2 weeks
Depending on the person, we all want to look different. To have some of the most incredible results in a very short time, having visible results in only 2 weeks, you will be able to use it without any problem and you will have in a few days the results you expect. In addition, so that you can use it regardless of your skin type, this model has 5 power adjustment positions, which make it adaptable to everyone. Resistant and durable, this model is designed so that you can use it for both single areas or for larger areas with its automatic mode. This model has one of the longest usage times you’ll find right now, with a usage time of up to 900,000 uses. One of the most spectacular models you will find.

Recommendations for use
You should wear it with the safety glasses provided because of the possible risk of eye injury.
Shave with a blade before use.
Use in a 90º position with respect to the skin.
Adjust the power to your skin type
Not suitable for dark skin.
Technical specifications Xiaomi inFace IPL Hair Removal Machine ZH-01D White / Pink:
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: InFace ZH-01D
Visible results at 2 weeks
Power: 36W
IPL laser removal technology
Optical filters
2 modes of use: manual for precise areas or automatic for the whole body
5 power adjustment positions
With high-quality quartz tube for a more powerful and resistant effect
Use voltage: 12V
Small size and weight
Use time: 900000 times
Color: White / Pink
Box contents
1 x Xiaomi inFace IPL Hair Removal Machine ZH-01D White / Pink
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual (English)
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